Graphic Recording

Since 2008, Brenda has been supporting meeting delegates’ meaning-making of their complex and ever-changing contexts, helping them gain clarity about their preferred futures and paths via her Graphic Recording.  Brenda integrates individual voices in an organisation or community into Visual Stories, with complex ideas being shared effectively and efficiently.  Her graphics stimulate delegates’ creativity, enhance group problem-solving and facilitate emergence of adaptive strategies.

Brenda has been engaged to record Conference Keynote Addresses, Innovation Discussions, Strategic Planning and Senior Leadership meetings and retreats both in Singapore and internationally.  Brenda’s Graphic Recording is a vital pillar in TAI’s large-group interventions using Appreciative Inquiry, Future Search, Open Space Technology and the World Cafe, with participants in the group range from 50 to 420 delegates.  Brenda also records for Singapore’s National Conversation.

Apart from Graphic Recording, Brenda has also conducted workshops on Graphic Recording, and Facilitating with Visuals.

To keep up-to-date on Brenda’s visual workshops, do sign up at the Trailblazer Workshop page.


Sample Graphic Recordings:


Visual Workshops